Custom Engraving

Laser Engraving

Yeti  cups, plates, plaques & awards, Jewelry, firearms, and knives

Personalized engraving adds a unique and special touch to any gift, and it's our way of making that special item even more unique. With over 70 years combined experience in engraving, Ken K. Thompson is your local engraving expert. We specialize in custom engraved items including bar pendants, ID bracelets, knives, engraved Tumblers including YETI, and firearms (including NFA items).  All engraving is performed in-house by one of our four engraving specialists. Personal items (including firearms) are carefully and safely stored each night they are in our store.

FFL Licensed 

Have questions about your next engraving project? Please contact us regarding your project, and there is a good chance we've done it before. 

Our CO2 and Fiber Laser engraving machines have the capability to engrave deep into the material being engraved, and that means your personal message is there to stay. It's a superior process to surface marking, especially when it comes to engraving metal objects


Jewelry Engraving

Our newest Fiber Laser is the ultimate engraving laser for jewelry engraving on bar pendants and necklaces. Our Pneumatic Hand Graver also achieves a beautiful hand engraved look that can only be done be an experienced jeweler. 


Knife Engraving

Knives are one of the most common items we engrave for customers, and they can often be engraved on any surface including the blade or handle. Our laser equipment can engrave deep into metal or wood, and that ensures your knife will be cherished for years to come.


Firearm Engraving

NFA Item Engraving

With over 70 years experience engraving firearms, we have the knowledge and advanced laser technology to make your next firearm engraving perfect. We also engrave NFA items including lowers, suppressors, receivers, barrels, and rifle actions.


Plaques and Crystal Awards

Your trusted source for Plaques and Awards in Northern Minnesota. Our engraving materials include Crystal Awards, Walnut and Red Alder Plaques, multi-colored decorative metal plates

Our Past Engraving Designs


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